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With #autumn quickly approaching, time to pull out the #gray #nailpolish! #americanapparel #echopark #nailstagram #naillacquer

With #autumn quickly approaching, time to pull out the #gray #nailpolish! #americanapparel #echopark #nailstagram #naillacquer

Verbal Jint feat. Eddy Kim

—가을 냄새


VERBAL JINT (버벌진트) feat. EDDY KIM (에디킴) - 가을 냄새  


Internet installation was never this hard.

We had AT&T in my parent’s house forever— as in the at least the past 10 years. But over the years, it’s been getting more and more expensive. 

So naturally, what do you do? Jump internet providers. Enter challenger: Comcast!

They came over to my house this morning to install the internet, but turns out we don’t have any live coaxial cables that they can install our internet too. 

So now, I have to call the “upper management” (Cue Cecil Palmer’s voice) and get their permission to let Comcast tact the cable all around the outside of the complex (since I’m not the only one who lives in the building. There are three other families.) and then drill a hole so that they can install the coaxial building. 

THEN, I can get internet service. 

So AT&T wins this round. I’m going to be forking over another $61 this month for slow internet while I sort out this mess with Comcast. 

I even ordered a modem and a new router in preparation for Comcast, so it’s going to be a pain, but COMCAST is going up EVENTUALLY! 

I just hope management won’t be a pain in the ass. 

Bay Area Menu Files: Seoul Food: Edae, Insadong & Hongdae (Day 4)

When you work in an environment where the average age is in the 40s, its nice to be surrounded with people around your age even if it’s in a completely different country.